Top 10 Best Places To Visit in UAE Ever

16, June 2022
Top 10 Best Places To Visit in UAE Ever

Are you looking for the most popular and top tourist attractions in the UAE? If so, have a look at this list of the top ten best places to visit in the UAE.

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In the UAE, there are numerous tourist destinations that are simply magnificent. You can find the top ten best tourist spots to visit in the UAE in this post. If you ever visit the United Arab Emirates, make sure to stop by these amazing locations. 

Here are the top ten tourist attractions in the UAE that you should not miss.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The Burj Khalifa is a must-see when it comes to attractions to visit in Dubai. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, also has the highest observation deck and the longest travel distance for a lift. At the summit, one may enjoy a picturesque and dreamlike perspective of the entire city of Dubai. It’s been called “Vertical City” and “A Living Wonder.” According to reports, the tower took 22 million man-hours to construct.

Address: 1 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

This mosque is a must-see among Abu Dhabi attractions. Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the UAE’s largest site of prayer, spanning over 30 acres. It took over a decade to complete. It is a significant centre of worship with gorgeous interiors made of mosaic, gold, glass, and marble. A stop here is a necessity on any trip to Abu Dhabi. It never fails to dazzle with its rich interiors of gold, mosaic tiles, glass work, and enormous amounts of marble, and its façade of blindingly white stone contrasting sharply beneath the Emirati blue sky.

Address: Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street, 5th St, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is a man-made archipelago – a microcosm in and of itself. It was formed through land reclamation and is home to numerous resorts such as Atlantis and Fairmont Palm. There is a monorail that connects the mainland to Palm Jumeirah.

Address: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Sharjah Art Museum

Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah

Sharjah’s museum is a must-see attraction. Sharjah Art Museum features works by Middle Eastern contemporary artists. It boasts the most diverse art collection in the UAE. It hosts temporary exhibitions every year. The museum is known for its collection of works by Arabic artists as well as major pieces by European artists who specialised in painting the Arab world.

Address: Off Corniche Street, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Al Ain Zoo - Get In Touch With Nature

Al Ain Zoo, Al Ain

Al Ain Zoo is a terrific spot for kids to study fauna and is one of the top places to visit in Al Ain. It first opened its doors in 1969 and now houses over 4,000 wild animals and birds. The safari, bird display, and dinosaur trail are all popular attractions in the zoo.

Address: Nahyan The First St, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates


Khalifa Park

Khalifa Park, Abu Dhabi

The most popular park in the Emirates is Khalifa Park. It’s a sight to behold, with a museum, an aquarium, waterfalls, a children’s amusement park, and a railway circling it.

Address: Al Salam Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Corniche, Abu Dhabi

Corniche, Abu Dhabi

The Corniche is a road that runs along the western side of Abu Dhabi Island. A stroll through it is both calming and enticing. In addition, the well-known Marina Mall is just a short distance from the Corniche and is easily accessible from here.

Address: Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Jebel Hafeet Al Ain

Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain

Jebel Hafeet is a mountain in Al Ain that lies between the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Jebel Hafeet, in addition to containing Green Mubazzarah in its foothill, offers a panoramic view of the desert from its summit. This is the UAE’s second highest peak, and the winding drive up to the summit rewards you with far-reaching, exquisite desert panoramas. After the twisty mountain road drive, you’ll be rewarded with views of the surrounding desert.

Address: Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Al Bidya Mosque

Al Bidyah Mosque, Fujairah

The oldest mosque in the UAE is Al Bidyah, commonly known as the Ottoman mosque. This mosque is one of the most beautiful in Fujairah. Its structure is tiny but elegantly crafted. It is the most important historical site in Fujairah. The entire surrounding area is an archaeological site, with several pottery and metal artefacts excavated. It is 35 kilometres from Fujairah.

Address: 8 km north of KhorFakkan, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Hajar Mountains in UAE

The Hajar Mountains, eastern UAE

The Hajar Mountains are located in north-eastern Oman and partly in the UAE. They have meandering roads with beautiful scenery that are great for road excursions. They provide trekking, birdwatching, and sightseeing opportunities. Hiking, trekking, and bird-watching opportunities abound, and the area’s many attractive wadis (dry riverbeds; valleys) are well worth exploring.

Address: Between Oman and the UAE

The UAE is rich in natural ecosystems, cultural landmarks, recreation sites, and shopping souks, making it an ideal destination for family vacations or weekend getaways. And it is now more accessible than ever. So throw on your vacation shoes, hop on the tour bus, and make a point of visiting these ten locations. You will adore them.

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