Top 15 Beauty Products Under AED 100

7, July 2022
Top 15 Beauty Products Under AED 100

You are not defined by your beauty! With beauty, you define and communicate who you are. So use gorgeous skincare and makeup to unlock your inner artist. But occasionally, especially when shopping on regular days, this might get expensive. So don’t worry! Here is a list of 15 products for skincare, makeup, and more that cost less than AED 100.

L’OREAL PARIS Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation In A Powder 130 True Beige

All amazing makeup looks start with a foundation. A beauty look might succeed or fail based on the foundation used. Finding the ideal hue that complements your skin tone without making you look cakey is therefore crucial. L’OREAL PARIS is one of the companies that sell these items. They have an excellent foundation selection that is affordable and simple to apply (around AED 100). They offer everything, from powder to creamy. Therefore, purchase these with Noon coupons and begin your beauty experience right now!

Buy L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation Caramel Dore 6.5D /6.5W Golden Toffee (30 ml) - PurplleL'Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation

Body Moisture Whip by COCO & EVE

Sometimes, all your skin needs is a little bit of moisture and shade. So purchase these smooth yet creamy lotions from the Namshi online store. These long-lasting tinted moisturisers by Laura Mercier and The Balm are available here. These are available from The Blam for as little as AED 85. Add these to your shopping cart, and don’t forget to apply Namshi promo codes for an additional discount!

Rose Mary Perfumes

Rosemary carries a wide choice of hand-selected scents in her perfume collection. There are excellent scents for both men and women, and only the best materials are used in their production. There are fragrances with premium scent notes including vanilla, jasmine, musk, clove, rose, lemon, and many others. Do you want to try out some fancy and unique scent combinations? Rosemary coupons code offers customers amazing savings on their purchases

MT . Mixed Perfume For Women - 100 ml MT Vanilla Perfume - 100 ml Charming Eau de Parfum for Men - 100 ml

Magnif’Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 14.2 g, Nude Edition, by RIMMEL London

The most alluring aspect of a person is their eye. Without fantastic eyeshadow palettes from Faces Beauty, you may still look stylish or daring by letting your inner artist loose on your eyes. Brands like Kiko Milano and Missha makeup palettes are available for less than AED 100. These are not only very cheap, but they also have a wide range of colours and good pigmentation. If you want to buy branded products at a discount, don’t forget to use Sivvi Coupons UAE and KSA on every order.

High angle  eyeshadow palette  Makeup accessories

Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick by KIKO Milano

Long-lasting and velvety, the texture provides the lips with a deep matte appearance. For large, luscious lips, a classy matte effect. The many silky tones produce sophisticated, attractive aesthetics. Lips are constantly completely moisturised. At retailers like Faces, KIKO MILANO lipsticks cost just AED 55. Use the Faces coupon code when adding goods to your cart to receive additional savings.

3D Hydra Lipgloss Gossamer emotion creamy lipstick

Eyeliner by Maybelline New York

You most certainly haven’t looked at Maybelline eyeliners if you believe there is no such thing as the ideal eyeliner! Amazing liners are available from this brand for as little as AED 22. You don’t have to worry about using these goods if you choose a cateye or sharp edge. In addition to matte black, Maybelline eyeliners are available in 6th Street UAE in a variety of colours, including blue, brown, pink, red, and more. To save even more money on your subsequent purchase, use the 6th street coupon code.


Highlighter for Al Haram Plaza

You have an amazing Highlighter from Al Haram Plaza that makes you shine like a diamond. These are offered by this brand beginning at the Boots location for AED 55. This brand offers everything, including silver, gold, and skin tones. Utilize Al Haram Plaza coupons and discounts to save money while still getting stunning beauty looks.

Makeup Revolution Bronzer

For bronzers, The Makeup Revolution is the top cosmetics company. The company offers several different colours, including pink, brown, and other hues. Each product when utilised leaves a nicely blended product with a smooth and creamy finish. VogaCloset is selling these for SAR 49. VogaCloset promo codes for the UAE are offered by Halacodesme and are always active.


Erborian BB Cream

Many people do not favour wearing full-face makeup all day. When that occurs, BB creams work best. Without leaving you feeling cakey, they spread easily and provide complete coverage. Erborian is one of the well-known manufacturers of the best BB cream. These products cost AED 76. Since the shop provides a wide selection of skin tones, you can choose your hue without worrying. Use Amazon coupon codes to get unbeatable discounts on all of your favourite cosmetic palettes, sets, removers, tools, and accessories from Maybelline New York, Kryolan, Loreal Paris, REVLON, and many other brands.

Beauty Face Serum

You can keep your skin hydrated and moisturised all day long with the aid of serums and oils. Serums, oils, and more are available for you at Rituals Beauty. Get these amazing scents to cure your skin and leave behind smooth, supple skin. Take advantage of these for AED 75! Halacodesme’s Rituals promo codes can help you save money.

 Skin care, natural and eco-friendly cosmetics for beauty and health. Cropped view portrait of attractive woman applying serum near eye lift effect isolated over grey pastel color background

The Body Shop Scrubs

The Body Shop’s online store has the best scrubbing deals. You can pick from a variety of flavours here, like strawberry, pearl, shea, etc. All of these are available for less than AED 100. Additionally, you can utilise The Body Shop coupons and discount codes to enjoy shopping while staying within your budget.

Lip Balm for Protection

Sometimes all we require to prevent our lips from separating is a basic lip balm. Therefore, for AED 65, purchase AESOP lip balms created with natural components at Carrefour UAE. These are not only halal but also offer a staggering variety of flavours, including cocoa, strawberry, vanilla, and others. More price reductions on these lip balms are possible with Ounass coupon codes and deals.

Protective Lip Balm SPF30, 5.5g  

Moisturizer by Bath & Body Works

Moisturizer is used first and primarily before skincare and cosmetics. These keep your skin and cosmetics crease-free and smooth. Amazing moisturisers are available at Bath & Body Works starting at AED 70. To receive an additional discount on these items, apply a Bath and Body Works coupon code.


With Rituals suncare, you can shield your skin from the glaring sun. These products are made from the earth’s most natural ingredients and are the greatest protection creams and lotions available. Shop for eco-friendly cosmetic products here if you support sustainability! With a Rituals coupon code, you can get this sun care item for AED 90 and receive further discounts.

Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Sunscreen 50 ml Lotus Herbals Sustainable UV Screen SPF 50+ PA+++ UVA Safe Sun Matte Gel 50 gm Organic Harvest White Water Resistant Sunscreen with SPF 60 

The Body Shop Exfoliator

Every 30 days, our body gets rid of old skin cells to make place for new ones. These cells do not always shed completely though. Exfoliators are necessary to remove them from the skin’s surface because of this. Use them for AED 72 at The Body Shop. The body shop exfoliator’s tagline is “fresh, clean, and simple.” Use The Body Shop’s discount code at checkout to purchase products and receive an additional beauty discount.

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Every woman’s most important need is makeup. It helps you not only look better but also feel better about yourself and have more confidence. Over time, makeup has become more important because people want to look young and good.